Getting Teeth Whitened

If you are suffering from teeth stain due to your old habit of drinking too much alcoholic and caffeinated beverages; eating plenty of acidic foods or foods that contain lot of pigment; and poor dental hygiene then do not lose hope because cosmetic dentistry has a way of giving you back your white teeth and flashing smile.

Teeth whitening has long been used and applied by dentists to patients who wish to regain their teeth’s white color. At present, it can be done in two ways: inside the dental office or inside your home. Whichever option you may choose, it is best to know the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of teeth whitening.

In-House/In-Surgery Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening which is done inside your dentist’s work place is referred to as in-surgery treatment. This involves the use of bleaching agent solution which is personally prepared by your dentist to fit your mouth’s specific condition coupled with laser or light treatment which can help speed up the whitening process.

In-surgery tooth whitening is done in just a single session. The dentist will first record your teeth’s current state by taking shots of your tooth and comparing it with his or her tooth shade chart. He will then soon cover your gums with cotton materials or protective gel so it will not get irritated by the splashes of bleach that will be applied on your teeth’s surface.  You may also need to wear goggles as additional protection incase unwanted splashes reach your eyes. After which your dentist will apply the teeth whitening solution, which is composed of highly concentrated peroxide, on your teeth and soon use a small handled light or laser to help stimulate the bleaching process. The procedure will last for about an hour or so.

After the application and treatment of the whitening solution, your dentist will wash-off the whitening gel and take a picture of your teeth once again. It will be compared with the earlier photograph so patients can easily distinguish the difference in shade between the two sets of teeth.

Home Tooth Whitening Kits

Those who cannot afford in-house or in-surgery teeth whitening treatment can still fulfill their dream of whiter set of teeth through home tooth whitening kits. Although the results will never match the results done by a dentist, this products if used accordingly can make your teeth’s shade look lighter. Nevertheless do not buy over-the-counter teeth whitening kits instead ask your dentist if he or she offers similar products.

Home tooth whitening products given by dentists are safer and more reliable. It comes with a customized bleaching tray which is patterned according to your mouth’s specification and whitening gel that contains peroxide solution to help whiten your teeth. Simply follow the instructions of your dentist on how to use the kit and how much whitening gel you need to apply on your teeth. The whitening treatment may last longer since you have to repeatedly apply the formulation for 14 days but it will definitely give you your desired results. Nevertheless, dentists will require you to have a deep cleaning after 14 days for better and whiter set of teeth.

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