Teeth Whitening Systems

The promise of cosmetic dentistry to provide individuals with perfect white smile has convinced a lot to try out different methods and techniques associated with this dental procedure including teeth whitening. Nevertheless, over the last decade there were several complaints filed by many against in-home teeth whitening kits. It is best for you to know about these complaints so you can safeguard yourself and your family against unwanted teeth and gum problems caused by low quality home teeth whitening kits sold in the market today.

Risks of In-home Teeth Whitening Kits

  • Whitening gel which is accidentally swallowed by users may lead to gum, tongue, lip and soft tissue irritation.
  • The hydrogen peroxide content in this in-home teeth whitening kits may be too much that it results to tooth sensitivity.
  • Patients who accidentally swallow particular amount of whitening gel can cause vomiting, stomach upset and nausea.In-home teeth whitening kits that are not approved by FDA can damage the teeth’s enamel which exposes it to more tooth decay.
  • In some instances, user’s fail to follow the instructions or use it in wrong quantity thus encountering problems similar to this.
  • Safety Tips when Using In-home Teeth Whitening Products

At the most, dentists do not recommend their patients to use in-home teeth whitening products because it is more prone to incorrect formulations and combination of chemicals. Nevertheless, everyone has the freedom to purchase whatever product that are available for them in the market like in-home teeth whitening products. These products are quite irresistible to individuals with stained teeth because of its cheap price in comparison to the expense one will incur through a professional dental treatment.

To avoid running into negative side effects with the in-home teeth whitening product that you have chosen; it is best that you read and follow the instruction indicated in the packaging. Check if there are any warning and precautions before using the product like non-use of the product if you have any gum wounds, blisters, dry mouth or cracked lips problem.

If you believe that you are suffering from any tooth cavity or gum disease, avoid the use of in-home teeth whitening product. Instead, go visit your dentist so your condition can be first treated. After which you can go ahead and purchase your in-home teeth whitening product.

Nevertheless, no matter how much patients with gum problems, receding gum issues, and teeth with worn-out enamel should never be allowed to use in-home teeth whitening product primarily because it will only worsen their dental condition. These whitening products may easily penetrate the root of your teeth and may only hasten tooth sensitivity while irritating your gums. But if they do insist to proceed with teeth whitening procedure then they should do so with a professional dentist.

Moreover, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are reminded not to use in-home teeth whitening products as well because harmful chemical may be transferred to your child while breastfeeding or inside your womb.

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