Stopping Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is experienced by everyone but there are many ways in which you can help prevent it from occurring.

Choice of Food

Tooth decay is prevalent in persons who enjoy eating carbohydrates like breads, cakes, candy, cereal, chocolate, milk, soda and fruits. Little do they know that sugar and starches are the favorite foods of plaque and tartar causing bacteria. Thus if you do not want these bacteria to enjoy the acidic environment of your mouth then you should limit your consumption of these food types.

Eat foods rich in calcium like sardines, broccoli, milk and orange juice. Prefer raw vegetables as your snack since it greatly help limit your intake of sugary and starch foods.

Eliminate Smoking

Smoking has been advertised as one of the worst enemies of mankind because it contains several substances that can destroy the body as well as your teeth structure. Do your body a favor by getting rid of smoking and you will save your gums and teeth from severe periodontal diseases and teeth stain.

Choice of Toothbrush

Choose the best types of toothbrush that you will use. Never buy tooth brush with hard bristle because it will certainly damage your gums and cause teeth erosion. Never forget to bring one wherever you may go so you can always clean your teeth ever after each meal. Remember to change your tooth brush every after three to four month and store properly.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth including your tongue every after each meal with high quality tooth paste. Use dental floss regularly to guarantee that there is not food left-over that got stuck along your gum line or in between your teeth. If possible, rinse your mouth with non-alcoholic mouthwash or herbal rinse like tea tree oil, goldenseal or Echinacea.

Regular Dental Check-up

You may be diligently cleaning and flossing your teeth. You may even be perfectly practicing a healthy and balanced diet but this will never be enough. Your dentist still knows best if we are referring to your teeth and gum’s health. Make sure you visit them at least twice in a year so your oral health can be properly evaluated.

Drink plenty of water

This may sound absurd for some but drinking plenty of water is the cheapest way to get rid of plaque and tartar. Water helps maintain the alkalinity of your mouth while helping get rid of left over on your mouth. It also keeps you hydrated and reduces the risk of xerostamia.

Preventive Dental Treatment

For senior citizens and kids, you may wish to inquire about dental sealants so you can have additional protection against plaque and tartar. For damaged teeth, you may wish to ask for cosmetic dentistry like dental veneer, dental bonding and bridges to help remedy your oral problems. You may also wish to further increase your teeth’s defenses by using fluoride, calcium or phosphate rich tooth paste that could help reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth.

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